Collection: Winter 2024 Nails

Back by popular demand for Winter 2024. Researched by our style and beauty team, here's the winter nail trends for early 2024. Exclusively researched by LENA, especially for you. These shades are the perfect way to begin your new year with cold-season appropriate style.

Shop the trends in order below:

1. Chocolate inspired nail colours - WE LOVE*

2. Tortoise colours (black and brown nails, patterns or art)

3. Lipgloss nails 

4. Latte nails (latte inspired shades)

5. Midnight blue and midnight green

6. Pale or pearl-like shimmer

7. Pearl shimmer

8. Millennium greens (green tones that remind us of the 2000's)

9. Grunge/ fairy/ punk (powerful pinks and purples)

10. Berry red - CLASSIC & TIMELESS

11. 70's olive-like green and mustard 

12. Glittery reds

13. Silver & gold

14. True red

15. Mermaid glitters

16. Velvet nudes

17. Nude glitter

18. Deep and dark colours (colours with an extra-deep twist)

Winter 2023 nail shape trends: Short, natural, short & square, round & natural.