How LENA nail polish is Halal


*Image shared by @meher_malikk on Instagram

LENA breathable nail polish is halal friendly, water permeable and wudhu friendly

Our breathable nail polishes are popular with muslim women who can now enjoy their manicures and pedicures knowing they are using a wudhu (a pre-prayer ablution which requires them to wash their hands and feet) friendly nail polish.


How is LENA nail polish halal? The science behind our halal nail polish

Our formula uses a special polymer which enables oxygen and moisture to be transported through the nail polish. It's permeability allows moisture and oxygen to make contact with the fingernails after you have applied nail polish. All our breathable lacquers fulfil tests for water permeability performed in a controlled laboratory environment.

Normal, every day nail polishes prevent oxygen and moisture from getting in contact with the nails. For this reason we consider our nail polishes to be a healthier option for your nails.

You can see more about our laboratory tests here.