Collection: Spring Nail Trends - 2023

The days are brighter, longer and full of allll the most beautiful things. Is there anything more fun than a Spring manicure?

Here's our exclusive list of spring nail trends for 2023. You can shop them in order below:

1. Shades of green - Green is having a huge moment and our nails want in!

2. Clean girl aesthetic - Think skincare but for nails. Clear and frosted shades, barely there colours.

3. Chrome accents - Just a little hint of metallic prettiness. Maybe chrome tips, nail art or patterns? 

4. Classic & monochrome - Red, white, black and nude. *WE LOVE*

5. Pastels - is it even Spring without pastels? This year it's all about lilacs, pinks and floral inspired shades. 

6. Sparkly pastels and pale shades - just when you thought pastels couldn't get and more cute.

7. Vibrant blues and greens - y2k is unstoppable xo

8. Bright yellow nails 

9. Retro Y2K inspired colour combos - Pink & red together, dark blue & light blue together, orange & lime green together, lime green & baby pink. This will be HUGE.