Speckled Pattern Breathable Halal Nail Polish - Izmir-acle - SE02


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Speckled Pattern Breathable Halal Nail Polish - Izmir-acle - SE02

Shade: Izmir-acle

This halal nail polish shade has allll the sophistication with a splash of that something, something special.

At the base, Izmir-acle is a gorgeous 'slightly lighter than mid-toned grey' that will sit beautifully against all skin tones. This gorgeous grey halal nail polish features sporadic black speckles to create a chic pattern when painted on the nail.

Shade description: A muted, mid-tone grey is embellished with black dots to create a spotted nail art pattern. 


Speckled Nail Polish Collection

Breathable, halal friendly, water permeable nail polish by LENA. Creating a stunning nail art look just super easy! Just paint on like any regular nail polish to achieve a spotted pattern on the nail.