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LENA Breathable Nail Vitamin Serum - Halal & Vegan

LENA Breathable Nail Vitamin Serum - Halal & Vegan

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LENA Nail Vitamin Serum

Rebuild, strengthen, protect, grow! A vitamin packed serum to grow stronger, longer, healthier nails.

Breathable, halal and vegan friendly. 14ml.

A quick drying, halal friendly and vegan nail conditioner packed with vitamins, nutrients and oils to promote healthier nails.
Vitamins A, E and F work with deliciously nutrient-rich safflower and soybean oils to help rebuild the structure of nails, strengthening and preventing breakage whilst also protecting from harmful external factors.
You can wear it alone to condition nails or use it as a protective and restorative base coat under one coat of our beautiful breathable, halal nail polish. Just like LENA halal nail polish, you should wear two coats in total to ensure the polish remains breathable.

To use: For best results, apply using the brush 2-3 times per week for a period of approximately 30 days. You can also continue to use it for more treatments as and when desired. Before re-applying, please remember to remove the previous layers using a good quality nail polish remover. 
Please note: The LENA Nail Vitamin Serum has a slight blue tint. It is suitable for use alone or under our breathable, halal nail polish.
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    Not only is LENA breathable and water permeable, we also use only Halal friendly ingredients.


    Our specially created, award-winning formula allows water and oxygen to reach the nail. Meaning both Muslim and health-conscious nail polish lovers can enjoy LENA nail polish.


    LENA nail polish does not contain any ingredients from animals or animal-deritives. We're also 100% cruelty free.

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