LENA - Breathable Nail Polish - Hijabs, High Heels & Handbags - LE15


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Hijabs, High Heels & Handbags - LE15

With this sheer shimmery soft beige with a hint of pink, every day is a special occasion! A very soft gentle nude shade that is wearable with any outfit. This truly, is a perfect definition of soft and stylish. It is the most fabulous shade for any skin tone. With a touch of chicness and blush, you can wear this shade to work, to a trip, to a business meeting and many more occasions. Anytime is a perfect time to say hello to this super cute colour!

Have a day full of business meetings, coffee dates and errands? For the days when you're just powering through the 9-5, you need something simple yet stylish. This barely-there pink shade is perfect for the daily hustle.