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The same Lena formula, in a sleek new design.

We've updated the Lena bottle to give you the same breathable nail polish you love in a beautiful (and bigger) new design. All new shades (that aren't on sale) will arrive in this new 16ml design.
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More details about the new Lena

Welcome to a world where beauty meets sophistication, where every stroke of colour tells a story, and where luxury is redefined. Discover the exquisite shade range from Lena, where we bring you the highest quality in breathable, halal, vegan nail polish.

Introducing the new Lena Nail Polish bottle, with a sleek rectangular design and larger size, it embodies the essence of inclusivity and luxury.

At Lena, our commitment to beauty reaches way beyond aesthetics too. Our breathable and halal formulas ensure that your nails stay healthy and nourished, without compromising on style. We believe that beauty should be inclusive, and our products cater to individuals who seek high-quality and inclusive nail care options.

We understand that every detail matters and from the smooth glass bottle, to the breathable polish inside, you'll notice that when you choose Lena, you choose a nail experience like no other.