Born for the Limelight - NEON Air Dry Gel Nail Polish - Vegan Nail Polish- LG216


Born for the Limelight - Neon Air Dry Gel Nail Polish

Wowzer! Let's just take a minute to stop and take in the utter beauty of this neon nail polish shade. She is truly beautiful, truly neon and our first true love. 

This shade is a must have for your nail polish armoury. Seriously, she will be there for you throughout all four seasons - beaming in the sunshine during spring and summer, and adding a much needed pop of colour when the skies are grey.
*Image by Nails on Thames. @NailsonThames

Wear with our Air Dry Gel Nail Polish Top Coat to get up to 10 days wear.
*We recommend a base coat (clear or white) with all colours from our neon nail polish collection.