LENA Gel Effect Nail Polish

LENA Gel Effect Nail Polish 
Up to 10 days of gel effect shine. No salon or UV Lamp Required. 


Apply in two easy steps
Step 1 Gel Effect Nail Polish: Apply two thin coats of Gel Effect Nail Polish, in your chosen colour - just as you would do with a normal nail polish. Wait approx 1 minute in between each coat. (You can apply a base coat although it is not required).
Step 2 Gel Effect Nail Polish Top Coat: Apply a layer of the Gel Effect Nail Polish Top Coat. Wait approx 5 minutes. ( In order to achieve the best results apply another layer and allow to dry with exposure to natural light).
To remove the Gel Effect Nail Polish just use normal nail polish remover and a few cotton pads!
Enjoy up to 10 days of gel-like colour and shine.


This nail polish is: Vegan Friendly: Yes | Halal Friendly: No | 14ml