September 16, 2018

Whether it’s a first date, blind date or romantic reunion, get your evening off to the best start possible with the perfect shade of LENA breathable nail polish.

Picking the right shade of nail polish not only offsets an outfit, but reveals a glimpse of your personality to that special someone, whether you’re meeting them for the first time or you’re a married couple already!

As nail polish experts here at LENA, we have carefully selected our top 40 varieties of nail polish, to help you pick the right shade for the right vibe! From the palest pink, to the deepest purple and all that’s in between – there’s something for everyone in the LENA breathable nail polish club!

First dates
If Valentine’s Day happens to coincide with your first date, then keep nails elegant and sophisticated with a hint of fun!

A great every day colour, which works well with most outfits is Got Myself into a Burkini . The perfect shade of pink, it’s neither too racy nor dull, and is sure to complement all skin tones.

Step it up a notch with Egyptian Fashionista – a lighter more modest shade or purple-pink that shows off an elegant femininity. This is great for toenails as well, as it doesn’t detract from the overall outfit.

Looking for something a bit flirty? Then Mum Approves is a rich red ideal for a romantic soiree, and as the name suggests – let’s hope Mum does approve!

Blind Date
A blind date demands a strong colour that creates a talking point and shows confidence. If first impressions count, then let your nails show the best version of you possible.

With deep berry tones, Berry Nice brings a glossy richness to proceedings. Inviting and bold, it’s perfect for a late-night soiree, perhaps a club, or even wine bar. Made for the romance of Valentine’s Day, with its bright vibrant punch and just what you need for a rendezvous!

If you’re undecided what to wear and need a colour to suit all occasions, then you can never go wrong with Her Highness verging on a deep shade of purple.

Question Popping
You might be expecting that someone special to get down on one knee? If so, you’re going to want to be nail-ready for all the photos you’ll be taking of that diamond ring!

As well as ensure that your nails feature the right colour, you might want to opt for a classic timeless nail shape, such as an oval or a square finish, which will always stand the test of time. Keep nails long enough to show off their beauty, but not so much that they look like claws.

Barely there, a dash of pale pink from Too Much Highlight provides superb coverage for a long-lasting professional look. This shade photographs well against the shine of a diamond too.

If you want to get all Kate Middleton about it, then let I Can’t Bare It All do the talking. This very light shade will almost blend in with lighter skin tones. For darker skin tones, why not try the appropriately named Her Highness – you can just see Meghan Markle in it already!

Pink City, which looks more peach if we’re being honest, is a family-friendly glossy polish, that won’t overwhelm any big rocks. Of course, if you do want to draw attention to your newly furnished hand, then always alluring Super Rich is a perfect rich dark purple tone that you simply can’t miss.

Naughty… Never Nice!
As the most ‘romantic’ day of the year, why not dare to be bold with some intense colour.

With a touch of sparkle Arab Girl is the perfect shade of red with a naughty sparkle. Great for toes and fingers, team it with a glittery bag and open-toe shoes.

With its blood red vibes, After party offers a seductive sexy look. It goes well with a dash of deep purple lipstick, giving out all the feels!

With February 14th falling on a Wednesday this year, you can be forgiven for toning down your look a little, especially if it means going into the office before a hot date.

You’re going to need a versatile look. A good place to start is Jumeirah Me Crazy this nearly-nude shade is glossy and chic, and is understated for any occasion.

For something more playful and striking Millennial Pink in pastel pink, works well for daytime and night time. It’s great for dates to the cinema, as well as a quick drink in your local bar. Experiment with the coffin nail shape for something different.

Somewhere Special
Nothing says Valentine’s Day better than a special meal out. If there was ever an occasion to push the boat out and get dressed in diamonds and pearls – this is it!

As its name suggests Bottle of Glamour is the perfect antidote for that special somewhere. Perfectly offsetting diamonds, its deep peach hues with a light pink undertone adds a certain classiness to any outfit.

Similarly, She Went Leban-On and On offers a very classy chic look. Ruby fierce tones that complement the lightest to the darkest skin shade, make it the ‘go-to’ colour for many. This looks great on all nail shapes and styles.

If you’re looking for something less understated the I’m Sooo Modestly Dressed hits all the right notes. A modern pop of purple will light up any outfit, particularly complementing dark colours.

Feeling Risqué?
At the first flush of romance during those early days, you might want to up your nails game! But where to start?

If you’re not quite ready to reveal too much but want to bring the fun, then All Dolled Up is pretty in pink without being too neutral or middle of the road.

Despite its pale tones, Make Up Goals is all about the modern woman and is bang on trend at the moment with its matte finish. Great for the fashion-forward.

Feeling Playful!
Forget romantic gestures, if you’re planning on something fun or quirky, you’ll need an equally suitable breathable nail polish to work for you.

Scarf so Chic is ultra girly with its bubble-gum pink tones. This says that you’re up for a laugh!

The colour of wild roses, I Pink I Nailed It brings all the fun, with its nearly-red, nearly-pink shade. A versatile shade, it goes with most colours, particularly metallic such as silver and gold. Go one step further and ask your nail technician to create a ‘stiletto’ nail for an even more intense look.

Indoor Dates
Sometimes a night indoors is as special as any restaurant in town. Create the perfect mood with fragranced candles, dimmed lights, your favourite tipple, Netflix, and an irresistible well-thought out dinner.

Guaranteed to always stand out, regardless of the lighting in the room is Boss Woman. Bold and impressive, this true red shade has Valentine’s Day stamped all over it!

For something altogether cheery, Fashion Shoot has a youthful happiness about it, which is as well suited to casual wear, as it is a sexy negligee! Let young hearts run free and all that.

Fun For Foodies
If food be the language of love, then let your nails do the translating. Perfect for romantic meals, pair your nails to your outfit, as you would your wine with a meal.

A Turkish Delight conjures up delicious middle-eastern sweets infused with rose water. Always stylish and on trend this rogue fusion brings the fun. If you’re planning to wear something sparkly, this is a great match.

For the ultimate wine-lover Feet-ness Goals is a shade of purple reminiscent of grapes. If there was ever inspiration for what to pick out on the wine menu, this is it! Failing that, you could imagine your Royal Suite nails clinking a glass of Malbec, or maybe even Merlot with this perfect shade of purple.

Skip dessert and go straight to the healthy fruit platter, Gone to the Beach conjures up images of fresh fruits and smoothies with its peach base.

When it’s time to move on to the shisha pipe, there’s only one thing for it…. Shisha… Smokey Eyes with its borderline purple mixed with dark night-time tones, a sheer thing of beauty!

Let Your Nails Do The Talking
Favoured by women who prefer to wear subtle clothes that protect their modesty, there’s a selection of vibrant striking colours that speak for themselves.

Shimmer and shine with Glittering Gown – remarkably sparkly, this perfect pop of purple contains thousands of glittery sparkles to shine in any light. This is great for round nails, to complete an elegant look.

Inspired by Barbie, Hijarbie Pink wows in an instant. It can transform a simple outfit into a sizzling number, leaving that lucky date wanting to find out more.

Feeling mysterious? Throwback suggests there’s a siren bubbling underneath their clothes. Its retro purple hue gives it an ever-so sexy look and feel.

Girls on Girls
Sometimes Valentine’s Day is all about the girls – what better way to spend the day with your best friends for a girly night in, or out!

Make your mark on the town with a bold proud colour, starting with Lipstick Junkie. This pairs perfectly with stiletto heels and sharp pointy nails to match. It goes great with all colours, but especially black.

Speaking of heels, Red Soled Stilettos is the answer to all your wardrobe prayers, and can be fabulously paired with striking Louboutin heels. No wonder this shade is named by many fans as a real ‘head turner’!

Then again, you can be forgiven for pondering over Where’s Bae? in this standout shimmering matte breathable nail polish, great for tippy toes too!

Online dating has never been so much fun, but are your nails? Don’t let your nail polish let you down, bring out the fun with the following shades.

Selfie… What Happened? Brings the fun with its positive purple vibes. This effortless look is perfect for ‘girl-next-door’ types who are all about the good times, not the high maintenance!

Pack a punch with Hun-Believable Hueif the name alone doesn’t make you smile, then this warm pink surely will. Playful and happy, this summer-time shade makes you long for hotter days to come, and romantic picnics in the park.

BOOM! It Girl does not hold back with its nearly perfect red tones… leaving just enough to the imagination, and your hot date wanting more.

Sexy Senorita
If you’ve had enough of the game-playing and want to show your date that you’re serious about taking it to the next stage, we have just the right colour for you!

Start with Elegant Emirati with midnight hues, this ‘lets go out’ shade adds mystery and intrigue, and is best accompanied with a dusky alluring  eyeshadow in a similar colour.

Dress to impress with High Society, which has Valentine’s Day written all over it! A perfect punch of red, it screams ‘take me now or lose me forever’ and is sure to seduce in one quick swoop!

If you’re prone to playing with your hair, then I Need Amman-icure has an innocent feel to it, which radically steps up its game when teased through sexy locks. Make no mistake about the power of this purple lacquer which works particularly well with stiletto shaped and almond shaped nails.

So there you have it, 40 inspiring shades of pink, red and purple tones for the perfect Valentine’s Day. LENA nail polish is halal friendly due to its unique breathable nature and therefore making it a wudhu-friendly nail polish with a beautiful finish . To find out more, please visit https://www.lenanailpolish.com/


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